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Service Area

T-TSA provides regional wastewater treatment service to several Lake Tahoe area communities through the Agency’s five member sewage collection districts. The five member entities involved are the North Tahoe Public Utility District, the Tahoe City Public Utility District, the Alpine Springs County Water District, the Olympic Valley Public Service District, and the Truckee Sanitary District. The Northstar Community Services District is also served by T-TSA facilities through an agreement with the Truckee Sanitary District.


The tributary area served by the plant includes that portion of the Lake Tahoe Basin beginning at the California-Nevada stateline at the north end of the lake and extending along the west side of the lake to the northern edge of Emerald Bay. The tributary area also includes most of the California portion of the Truckee River Basin extending from its source at Lake Tahoe to the far eastern limits of the Town of Truckee, including Donner Lake and surrounding lands. As shown on the service area map, the area includes portions of El Dorado, Placer, and Nevada Counties of California.

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